Our services combine a unique suite of tools to support your development. We work closely with our partners to integrate their tools, methods and endorsements to deliver the best results. These accreditations support us in bringing actionable insights, structure and measurable results to the work we do.

We're accredited as a PRISM practitioner.

PRISM is a neuroscience-based in-depth behavioural profiling tool. We use PRISM for both sales and leadership development and have mapped the PRISM dimensions into our sales methodology. This gives sales people clear guidance on how to adapt their behaviours to the different demands of each stage of a complex sales cycle and to the different stakeholders in a sale.

PRISM brainmapping practitioner

We're a Squadify Accredited Practitioner.

We're proud to be one of the first companies to be accredited as a Squadify Practitioner.

Squadify provides insightful, actionable feedback on how your team perceives themselves against three proven Conditions of Success: Clarity, Climate and Competence. Measuring and comparing importance and presence, Squadify gives teams and leaders the focal levers for improving team performance and cacb be built into leadership or sales programmes or provided as a standalone snapshot.

PRISM brainmapping practitioner

We're an Institute of Sales Professionals Endorsed Training Provider.

We believe that in a crowded marketplace, this gives you the peace of mind of working with a company that has been rigorously assessed against professional standards and competencies.

ISP endorsed certificates of completion are available for all participants.

Check out the ISP press release.

ISM Endorsed Partner
Brinkerhoff HPLJ

We follow the principles of the Brinkerhoff High Performance Learning Journeys methodology to deliver against measurable business outcomes. Our Principal, Anna Britnor Guest, has been certified as a Brinkerhoff HLPJ Architect.


We partner with PointNTime for their StrategyMapper software.

StrategyMapper is a native Salesforce plug-in and, frankly, it's the best strategic account development software we've come across. Designed for complex B2B deals, it provides actionable intelligence and clear dashboarding to give clear direction on how to win. Find out more.

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