Podcast guest appearances

We Not Me

Three things sales teams need to do to be more effective

Join Anna Britnor Guest in conversation with hosts Pia Lee and Dan Hammond, founders of Squadify. They discuss the difference between a team of individual sales people versus a true sales team. She shares practical tips for sales leaders and teams to create a shared goal with shared learning and shared accountability. Is it time to add "Don't learn alone" to your "Don't lose alone" mantra.

Changing Habits, Changing Lives

Understanding behaviours with psychometric assessments

Join Anna Britnor Guest in conversation with host and habits coach, Azzy Aslam. They discuss psychometric assessments, what are they and how they are used by organisations, particularly in the recruitment process. Also, how they can help you learn about your preferred behaviours in a work environment. And how they can help you build a personal development plan.