Actionable insights and tips for sales leaders driving tech B2B revenue growth. Through insightful conversations with sales leaders, experts and practitioners, we share tips and experiences to help you to grow your tech B2B revenues. Practical and relatable, we don’t just talk around scenarios, we highlight people, process, channel and technology practices that will help you and your business to grow. Revenue Riser is hosted by Anna Britnor Guest. She’s joined, each episode, by experienced leaders and specialists to share the real-world approaches, methods, models and tools they’ve used to grow their revenues.

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Season 3

Lifting the lid on ABM

1. Lifting the lid on Account Based Marketing

Contrary to the name, ABM is about far more than marketing. And although platforms play an important role, it is not a tech-driven solution, but rather a collaborative insights-based approach, aided by technology. Learn about common misconceptions and how to embed ABM in your business.

With guests, Helen Brown of See-Blue Marketing & Steve Bonadio of Ivalua

Channel partnerships 2023 and beyond

2. Channel partnerships 2023 and beyond?

Successful channel partnerships need focus and collaboration, and in an increasingly uncertain climate, it becomes even more important that we not take existing relationships for granted. In an uncertain world, and an evolving ecosystem landscape, partnerships need more attention than ever.

Joining Anna to continue their conversation on channel success are Steve Warburton of Zen Internet and Matt Hathorn of Recur Global.

3. How to recruit a rockstar sales team

Attracting sales talent is difficult in this current climate.

Recruiters need to be clear on the candidate they want to attract, the role and job description AND the characteristics that will be a good fit for their business.

With expert guests, Julie Greenfield and Alex Ede, Anna explores top tips to help you recruit a high performing and diverse sales team.

Sales coaching to empower team

Sales leaders: Advance your coaching to empower your team

The role of a leader is to create an environment where coaching can happen, to get authority from above, and to allow their team to get on with the work. So, how do you take your coaching to the next level to empower collective leadership within your sales team?

With expert guests, David Clutterbuck and Emmet Florish.

Season 2

Podcast The situation has changed, have you

1. The situation has changed - have you?

What do today's revenue leaders and their teams need to do to be successful for the long-term?

With Pia Lee, CEO of Squadify & Greg 'The Defender' Wade

Take your channel success to the next level

2. Take your channel success to the next level

What can you learn from experienced channel leaders to help you avoid the pitfalls, and to activate and accelerate your sales?

With Steve Warburton, MD of Partners, Zen Internet & Matt Hathorn, CEO,  Recur Global

Leading growth: a CEO perspective

3. Leading growth: a CEO perspective

What does it mean to be a sales-led leader? And why should a CEO carry a ball of string if they want to take their company of a voyage of change?

With Lorrin White, CEO of Bamboo Technology & Allan Merritt, CEO of Arnlea Systems

4. Spread a little happiness and grow your sales

How building a People First culture and treating your team like sunflowers could lead to impressive productivity and revenue growth

With Matt Phelan, CEO of The Happiness Index and Cathy Belford, VP of People at UserZoom

The VC path to growth

5. The VC path to growth

What makes a successful partnership for both the investor and founders? Market fit and growth aside, why are some more successful than others?

With Eran Westman, Partner at Viola Growth and Alfonso de la Nuez, co-CEO at UserZoom

Sleep: the secret of success

Bonus. Sleep: the secret of success

Why do we sleep - and could it really be a secret of success? Busting common myths, sharing research and bringing you practical tips to translate better sleep into better performance.

With Azzy Aslam, Habits Coach & host of Changing Habits, Changing Lives

Data behind high performing teams

Bonus: Building positive, high performing teams? Here's the data to help

Leveraging Squadify’s data around team conditions for success, we learn from co-founders Dan Hammond and Pia Lee what’s important for high functioning teams to perform in a fast-paced, post-covid world.

Season 1

Podcast Leading growth in a volatile world

1. Leading growth in a volatile world

Spanning everything from leadership to pricing models, we explore how to drive growth regardless of the external factors.

With Jamie Mellalieu, CRO, UserZoom & Lorrin White, CEO, Bamboo Technology

Take your channel success to the next level

2. Training our brains to embrace virutal selling

What does neuroscience tell us about how our brains respond to virtual selling? How do we change our approaches and build effective habits?

With Azzy Aslam, Habits Coach and Ed Sant'Anna, Remarkable Focus

Deliver true value in a changing world

3. Deliver true value in a changing world

Why would customers buy from you today? How do you get on the front foot through change to deliver the value your customers need?

With Jude Mott, Cloud Product Manager, Virtual1 & Gary Schwartz, TransfrVR & now Veracode

Scales the sales organisation for growth

4. Scale the sales organisation for growth

How do adapt and scale in an unprdictable, choppy world? How do we define scale versus growth and what does it take to scale sustainably?

With Paul Szemerenyi, SVP Global Sales, Bizzabo & Bob Horn, CRO, Illusive Networks

CRM: actionable insight that drives sales

5. CRM: actionable insight that drives sales

Do you use CRM to look backwards or forwards? A repository or an optimisation tool? Does it help optimise and drive sales through insight?

With Melanie Foster, Founder, Harness & Travis Davis, Founder, Point N Time

Virtual Sales Kick Offs that deliver results

Bonus: Virtual Sales Kick Offs that deliver results

How do you make virtual SKOs come alive, achieve more than you could imagine and make a positive impact on your results through the year?

With Nick Salas, Head of Sales Enablement, MindTickle, Jasmine Jackson-Irwin, Senior Manager, Revenue Enablement, Circle CI & Edward Boon, Performance Consultant, Promote Intl

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