Recruitment & onboarding support

It’s well known that the cost of recruitment is high – and the cost of recruiting the wrong person even higher. Even if you hire the right person, onboarding them effectively and quickly is fraught with challenge.

According to the Sales Management Association’s research brief Salesperson onboarding (July 2018) this (aside) is what the average sales onboarding looks like. There is a profession-wide opportunity and need to improve on these numbers and we're playing our part.

We help you to:

Recruit the best all-round candidates

Onboard and ramp up productivity faster

Making a difference to your recruitment

We use PRISM behavioural profiling to support the recruitment process.

We create a PRISM map benchmark for the role you’re looking for. This can be based on data that defines the difference between your ‘star’ performers and the rest of the team. Or we can define it based on the job description. Once we’ve created the benchmark you can use it time and again whenever you’re recruiting for that kind of role.

  • Get an objective view of candidates’ behavioural preferences and avoidances against this benchmark
  • Reduce bias in recruiting processes
  • Focus interview questions and skills assessments according to the profile to test for areas of match or mismatch
  • Have open conversations about areas of match and mismatch to mutually agree expectations and fit

We always recommend using PRISM in conjunction with an evidence-based structured interview process and practical skills assessments to give you a rounded set of information on which to make your hiring choice.

Accelerating onboarding productivity

It's widely acknowledged that ramping up new starters always takes longer than desired. The Sales Management Association's report highlights that consistent, structured and customised onboarding is a key factor to ramping up faster and more effectively. Challenges we see in onboarding often relate to a lack of structure and a focus on knowledge-based tasks rather than behaviour-based outcomes. we address these using PRISM, our Path to Productivity 90-day onboarding template and customised coaching if you need it. We help you to:

  • Play to the new starter’s strengths to gain quick wins
  • Provide targeted and appropriate coaching
  • Tailor training delivery methods to best match preferences
  • Develop and compensate for areas of mismatch with the role

Thinking we can improve your recruitment & onboarding success?