Season 1 Review

In this short series of mini-episodes, host Anna Britnor Guest invites special guest co-host, Ed Sant'Anna, to explore four of the themes that recurred through season 1. A big thank you to our season 1 guests for sharing their experiences and insights: Lorrin White, Bamboo Technology & Jamie Mellalieu, UserZoom; Azzy Aslam, Comentra & Ed SantAnna, RemarkableFocus; Gary Schwartz, TransfrVR & Jude Mott, Virtual1; Paul Szemerenyi, Bizzabo & Bob Horn, Illusive; Melanie Foster, Harness & Travis Davis, PointNTime; Edward Boon, Promote International, Nick Sallas, MindTickle & Jasmine Jackson-Irwin, Circle CI.

Developing maturity

Encompassing people, process, data, learning and technology, Ed and Anna pull together the experience and advice from our guests on how to mature as a sales organisation and business.

Being data-driven

Everyone talks about the need to be data-driven but what does that really mean? Ed and Anna reflect on the the diverse ways our guests described how companies and sales organisations can become more data-driven.

Adapting to change

Change has been all around us as we've globally navigated 2020 through 2021. Anna and Ed consider some of the ways our season 1 guests have pivoted, adapted and embraced change in its many forms.

The power of people

Concluding our season 1 theme review and it's all about people. Anna and Ed Sant'Anna pull together some of the key messages our guests shared around recruiting, developing and supporting your people.

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