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Season 2: Q3 2021

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Pia Lee
Read Pia Lee's blog

Episode 1: The situation has changed, have you?

Pia Lee of Squadify talked about the tendency to go down to task and tactical when under pressure. She talks about it in this blog.

Recur Global readiness
Recur Global assessment - generic example

Episode 2: Take your channel success to the next level

Matt Hathorn talked about Recur Global's approach to readiness and you can read more about it on their website. We also partner with Recur so chat to us about how it might help your business.

Allan Merritt
Allan Merritt of Arnlea Systems

Episode 3: Leading growth: CEO perpectives

Allan Merritt talked about the work we've done with his sales and leadership team. Read about his experience and the impact we've had in this case study

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Freedom to be happy book

Episode 4: Spread a little happiness

Read Matt Phelan's book Freedom to be happy. It's full of data and examples to help you to make the business case for happiness in your business. A quick, easy, accessible read.

Available from Amazon via the link below or from your favourite independent.

Why we sleep by Matthew Walker
Why we sleep by Matthew Walker

Episode 6: Sleep - the secret of success?

Azzy Aslam and Anna Britnor Guest discuss the importance of sleep to sustainable performance and both HIGHLY recommend this research-packed and easily readable book: Why we sleep by Matthew Walker.

Available from Amazon via the link below or from your favourite independent.