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Your key to strategic account development

Point N Time's StrategyMapper native Salesforce plug-in is customised to your way of selling. We've partnered with PnT to tailor this powerful account management tool to our methodology and framework so you know the system will work for you - not the other way round.

StrategyMapper works at Account, Opportunity and Meeting levels to provide a seamless and actionable tactical and strategic view of the account.

Powerful account mapping

StrategyMapper delivers insight and intelligence across your accounts, all natively in Salesforce

Stateholder mapping in CRM

Manage the whole account

Build out and manage your strategic account plans to drive revenue across the whole business

Plan and win opportunities

Follow best practice opportunity development and management to drive real customer value, increase win rates and work consistently across the sales team.

Meetings that create action

Make sure every meeting delivers value to all parties and moves the customer buying journey forward. Capture 'actionable intelligence' that integrates into Salesforce so nothing gets missed and risks get mitigated.

Know your stakeholders

Know who makes and influences the decisions, understand and map their stance. Create visual stakeholder maps so you know where you stand and how to build the right relationships, based on value.

Value across the organisation

Account and opportunity planning tools that work for everyone

MeetingMapper for more effective sales meetings

Account teams

  • Focus on the right accounts and opportunities to achieve quota faster
  • Follow a consistent sales framework to replicate what works time and again
  • Work collaboratively with actionable intelligence & task assignment that helps the account team work effectively
  • Qualify and assess the risks in  accounts and opportunities - focus on winnable deals
  • Contextual coaching describes what to do and drives winning behaviours
  • 1-Click playbooks for every account and opportunity help focus on key actions
  • Integrated into Salesforce for ease of use & reduced time and bureaucracy
Overcome sales red flags and risks

Sales leaders & managers

  • Drive consistency across your team
  • Dashboards show you what's really happening across accounts, individuals and teams
  • Account and opportunity scores help focus on supporting winnable deals, improve forecast accuracy and provide consistent qualification criteria
  • Contextual coaching helps drive sales behaviours
  • See your team's strengths and weaknesses to support your coaching
  • See at a glance the forecast and future potential in accounts
  • Gain valuable competitor, trends and actionable intelligence to shape future sales campaigns
  • Ramp up new starters with a clear structure
  • 1-Click playbooks provide context for QBRs, account and performance reviews
Sales performance dashboards


  • Consistent company-wide approach, tailored to your sales environment
  • Create focus on repeatable success factors to accelerate sales growth and optimise sales cycles
  • Rich dashboards, reports and playbooks show you what's really going on in strategic accounts - in real-time
  • Get longer term visibility of pre-pipeline opportunities without them impacting the forecast
  • Automatically gather competitor and customer behavioural trends to support marketing and value proposition development
  • Provides sales continuity - intelligence is in StrategyMapper not salespeoples' heads
  • Integrated natively into Salesforce and Pardot for ease of use
  • Leverages your investment in Salesforce by bringing actionable intelligence to life

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We have a strategic partnership with Point N Time. We've customised the template to match our core methodology and tailor and implement StrategyMapper to meet your specific needs. We also provide StrategyMapper independently of our training and consulting services so if you have your own methodology but want a way to integrate it into Salesforce, we can help.

To request a personalised discovery session and demo or to be notified of our next scheduled webinar, please get in touch.

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