Squadify for team development

A star team beats a team of stars.

Understand the conditions that create team success. Measure the team's perception of importance and presence of these conditions. Use the data to support the conversations that improve team effectiveness.

Simply put, Squadify is a tool that assists leaders and their teams to be the best they can be.

Squadify is based on research into the conditions of team success and validated by the London School of Economics and identifies three conditions for success:

  1. Clarity
  2. Climate
  3. Competence

Squadify provides a simple, repeatable way of measuring and building these conditions within your teams.

We recommend Squadify as part of our leadership & management development programmes. It provides a clear snapshot of where the team is and guidance to leaders on how to improve their team effectiveness. Yet, it's not just about the leader. Squadify helps to create a collective and collaborative responsibility to team effectiveness. And gives a consistent, company-wide view of the climate and conditions for success.

What makes Squadify with Alate different

Repeatable over time

With a premium licence you can repeat the survey over time to track and adjust progress

A true team view

The team gets to say what's important to them and to take shared responsibility for making a difference

Proven to correlate to performance

Based on research and proven in the field, Squadify highlights the factors that genuinely make a difference

Simple and effective

Simple to complete, simple language, simple to understand results, simple to repeat (and simple to get budget for too!)

Integrated into your development programme

Based on your culture and goals, we help you to identify your key priorities and coach individuals and teams to improve their effectiveness.

Learn more in this short video

We Not Me: the Squadify podcast

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