Alate becomes an Endorsed Training Provider of the Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP)

ISP Endorsed Provider

After a rigorous assessment, we are now an Endorsed Training Provider of the Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP).

What does Endorsement mean?

This recognition speaks to our commitment to excellence. Anyone can set up a training business but very few are still going after 22 years and can show that, not only do they deliver results for their clients, but that they have been independently assessed to meet nationally-recognised standards.

We’re delighted to have received fantastic feedback on our submission. And that submission wasn’t simple! We supplied over 40 evidence documents as well as reviews of our website, social media, samples of our e-learning content and descriptions of how we work.

What it means for our clients

ISP endorsement means that our clients can have the confidence of knowing that the training we provide is certified by the industry’s professional body. Our participants can then receive endorsed certificates of completion, supplied by the ISP, to add to their professional development portfolio.

What the ISP say about our endorsement

ISP managing director Patrick Joiner said: “We were really impressed with the quality of the application from Anna and her team at Alate Business Growth and are delighted to welcome them as approved training providers.

“Our endorsement means that salespeople who learn with Alate will have the confidence of knowing that the training they receive is certified by the ISP - the industry’s professional body - with nationally recognised professional standards, and that courses are well designed, tailored, and delivered to a high specification.

“We look forward to working with Alate as we build skills, knowledge and standards across the sales profession.”

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A big thank you to our incredible team and clients who make this journey possible.

“We were endorsed by the Institute of Sales Management back in 2018 – an equally rigorous endorsement and saw the benefit in external endorsement of our programs. Times change and in 2023 we decided to review our endorsement and chose the ISP as our endorsement partner for the future. The ISP has picked up the mantle for high standards of professionalism and promoting learning and development within sales. We’re excited to be endorsed as a training provider and to work with the ISP to promote these shared aims.”

Anna Britnor Guest

Managing Director, Alate

About the Institute of Sales Professionals

The ISP is the leading, not-for-profit international professional body for sales. They offer membership, internationally recognised qualifications, and a world leading CPD platform.

Vision: To support salespeople in achieving their career goals and delivering exceptional results.

Mission: To create a world where sales is recognised and celebrated as a respected profession, through chartership, qualifications and exacting standards.

In its short history, the ISP has played a part in shaping the landscape of what it is to be a professional salesperson by helping to create the first, government levy-funded sales apprenticeships and the first All Party Parliamentary Group for Professional Sales.

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