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  1. Webinar: Do you need to generate high quality leads that convert?

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    neon-signage-2681319How do you ensure your sales team meets and surpasses its sales expectations and targets? It all starts with prospecting: the right conversations with the right people at the right time. All focused on the problems and opprotunities they need to address.

    It’s time to stop looking at sales as a transaction. Smooth, transparent, problem-solving relationships play a major role in how you and your team can grow sustainable revenue to flourish in today's digital economy.

    Join this session to understand:

    • The transactional sales nature that is killing your lead generation - and what to do instead.
    • Dreamline's formula for cold outreach that delivers results.
    • How to run discovery calls that build credibility, find business advantage and gain prospect commitment to action

    In collaboration with Dreamline Digital, we'll bring actionable tips and techniques that make a difference.

    Join us on Thursday 3rd March 5 - 5:30 pm GMT

    More details and registration

  2. We're hiring for a Client Assistant

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    Values wordcloud 2We’re looking for a part-time, flexible assistant with the skills to support our existing client programmes and engagement with our wider network and alumni.

    This is a great opportunity for someone seeking just a few hours each week to either develop skills or keep their hand in whilst focusing on other life events whether a pre-career student, taking a career break or winding down to retirement. It may only be a few hours, but you will be a core and valued member of a small team.

    Check out the description here and get in touch if you're interested.