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Revenue Riser podcast launches

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Revenue Riser

After a summer of planning and preparation, we've launched the Revenue Riser podcast. Hosted by Anna Britnor Guest, Revenue Riser is now available across all the popular podcast apps.

Actionable insights and tips for sales leaders driving tech B2B revenue growth. Through insightful conversations with sales leaders and other experts and practitioners, we share tips and experiences to help you to grow your tech B2B revenues. Practical and relatable, we don’t just talk around scenarios, we highlight people, process, channel and technology practices that will help you and your business to grow your sales.

Revenue Riser is hosted by Anna Britnor Guest, who has over 30 years’ experience in the tech B2B sector. She supports ambitious tech B2B companies to implement sales methodologies, processes, capabilities and leadership skills to drive sustainable and international growth. She’s joined, each episode, by experienced leaders and specialists to share the real-world approaches, methods, models and tools they’re using to grow their revenues.

A big thank you to all our guests so far, including Lorrin White, CEO of Bamboo Technology and Jamie Mellalieu, CRO of UserZoom for the first episode: How to lead growth in a volatile market.

Tune in or subscribe if you’re interested in learning from your peers and taking away practical, actionable tips that you can apply in your business.

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