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Alate Business Growth started life in 2002 as Leading Edge Coaching. Here’s a word from our Principal on how we chose Alate Business Growth for our new name:

When I founded the business back in 2002, I chose the name Leading Edge Coaching for a number of reasons, one of which was that coaching was a ‘big thing’ – I had also been a co-MD of a coaching practice and co-founder of the Coaching & Mentoring Network so it was natural to include it in the name. Fast forward to 2018 and the world – and the business – have changed. Our methods of delivery have always encompassed a lot more than just coaching but the ‘blended’ and ‘flipped’ models of learning, the expansion of our ‘sleeves rolled up’ consulting and the fact that we’re all about results, meant the name just didn’t quite fit anymore.

Initially, I thought we’d keep the Leading Edge, either on its own or with a new suffix, but over the last 16 years it seems a lot of other people had taken a liking to Leading Edge X as a company name. It wasn’t differentiating enough. It was time for a new name.

Thus followed an intense, at times painful, process of choosing a new name. There were some key criteria – a name that would last and not become outdated by changing trends or that we might outgrow, a name that is both abstract and yet ‘does what it says on the tin’, a name that is consistent with our values. After multiple techniques to explore our values, what we do, why we do it and how we do it, practically an entire flip chart pad and multiple-packs of post-it notes, Alate Business Growth was the result.

The ‘Business Growth’ part came first though it was a close run decision between Business Growth and Sales Growth. The former seemed more rounded and more reflective of the entire customer experience including marketing, customer success and post-sales support teams - and the value our wider ecosystem adds too.

I worked with a small number of trusted advisors to reduce the short list of about 3 or 4 names and gained feedback from a wider group of trusted contacts – partners, associates, clients and friends. Of course, there wasn’t 100% consensus but the positives overwhelmed the negatives – and the alternatives.

So what does Alate mean?

‘Alate’ means ‘having wings’ from the Latin ‘alatus’ and ‘ala’ – a wing. It immediately resonated as it made me think of flying or rising high which we help our clients to do. We need to look at where ae are and at where we're going and track the best path. Having metaphorical wings, in other words. That it’s not a well-used word appealed to me. It made me stop and think. That’s something we should probably all do more often.

So, welcome to our new identity – Alate Business Growth! We hope you’ll choose to work with us and that we’ll help you and your team to fly high!

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  1. Anna Britnor Guest

    Thank you Jude.

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  2. Judith Mott

    I love the new name...for all the reasons you explain. Wishing Alate all the best....fly high!!

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