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Revenue Riser season 2 coming soon!

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As a revenue leader, would you welcome practical insights that you can take into your business? Some ideas about what your peers are doing to both widen the lens to see the big picture and narrow into the details? That’s what Revenue Riser is all about.

Host Anna Britnor Guest says "I’m so excited about the topics and guests we have lined up this season. One thing that comes across loud and clear is that the pressure on leaders and their teams is higher than ever and that this just isn’t sustainable in its current form or if we take a look at how we want the post-pandemic world to be. We need to take some fresh looks at how we organise ourselves, our teams, our priorities and our well-being. We can take our performance off  the scale but not by piling on ever increasing pressure. Look up, look around, look forward not just down on the task."

So what’s coming up?

In episode 1, Squadify CEO, Pia Lee and Greg ‘The Defender’ Wade, give us some sound advice on what true leaders and high performing teams really look like. We then dive into how to be successful in a changing partner landscape with two channel veterans - Zen’s Partner business MD, Steve Warburton and Recur Global’s CEO Matt Hathorn. For episode 3 we've invited back Lorrin White, CEO of Bamboo Tech, along with Allan Merritt, CEO and Revenue Leader at Arnlea Systems to share their experiences and really practical tips as CEOs leading revenue growth.

Quite rightly we all now have a greater focus on well-being that will be the topic of conversation with Matt Phelan who’s CEO of the Happiness Index, and UserZoom’s VP of People, Cathy Belford, about what we can be thinking of with our teams. And, finally for now, for all those growing investor-funded businesses, Eran Westman Partner in Viola Growth and Alfonso de la Nuez, co-CEO at UserZoom will share their experiences from both sides.

And we might squeeze in another episode before we sign off for the season.

Join us from 7th July – subscribe or follow on your favourite podcast app or head over to our podcast page for more details.

And a big thank you to our amazing guests for being so generous with their time and open about their experiences.


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