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St Helens 1st yr

Our Principal, Anna Britnor Guest, returned (virtually) to her old school to talk to some of their 6th form who are heading to study Business-related courses at Uni.

She says:
It was interesting to cast my mind back to leaving school and heading off to the Polytechnic of Wales as I spent an hour this month giving a talk to some of the 2020 leavers at my old school. I hope I encouraged them to consider a career in the tech sector (without having to be a techie) but, much more importantly, I wanted to inspire them to follow their curiosity, their interests and never stop learning.
I shared 7 things I've learned along the way. One was "Be confident about your achievements". We have to be confident (not arrogant) about expressing what we're good at and I think this is very challenging for many, especially at a young age. But it's a skill we need to learn.
I have no idea what my 11-year old self (front row, 4th from left) would have thought of that (or my school-leaving self either!).
Anna is founder of Tech Role Models which aims to share positive experiences of the tech sector to encourage greater diversity, particularly to encourage more women into tech. Contact us to book Anna to speak to your students or at your company.

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