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  1. Webinar - Don't let blind spots wreck your sales deals

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    Blinds spots are everywhere from not having the right stakeholders in meetings to not seeing red flags, objections or obstacles. To prevent any one of them from wrecking your deal you need to anticipate and identify them quickly. In this webinar we’ll show how consistent methods and Strategy Mapper help you to proactively identify blind spots and plan your next maneuver.

    Let's all become better deal drivers and reduce the chance of blind spots wrecking deals.
    We're delighted to be working with our strategic partner, Point N Time, to deliver this webinar - join us on May 16, 2019 at 16:00 (UK time)
  2. Looking forward, looking back

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    Could you be the greatest Infomatics March 2002

    At Alate we're all about looking forward at how to be successful in an ever-changing sales world but sometimes it’s fun to take a look back.

    I’ve been writing articles on sales and people development since the late 1990s. In this occasional feature, we’ll share some of the archive to explore what’s the same and what’s changed over the years.

    The first is an article from Infomatics in March 2002 (wow, that’s 17 years ago!) looking at what it takes to be a top performing sales professional.