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  1. Why hiring experienced sales people won't guarantee sales growth

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    The expectation

    We need to grow faster than the market. We need to scale and accelerate our sales. If we hire experienced sales people they will:

    • Know what to do
    • Hit the ground running
    • Bring their ‘little black books’
    • Tell us what we need to do to accelerate our growth

     The reality

    Some perform quickly, others stall and often it’s not clear what the factors are. Existing contacts can be powerful but not all contacts are ready, willing or able to follow the rep to you.

    Regardless of how quickly your experienced team builds pipeline, at some point growth and scale are often limited by a lack of consistency across the team. This manifests itself in a number of ways:

  2. Webinar - Don't let blind spots wreck your sales deals

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    In partnership with
    Blinds spots are everywhere from not having the right stakeholders in meetings to not seeing red flags, objections or obstacles. To prevent any one of them from wrecking your deal you need to anticipate and identify them quickly. In this webinar we’ll show how consistent methods and Strategy Mapper help you to proactively identify blind spots and plan your next maneuver.

    Let's all become better deal drivers and reduce the chance of blind spots wrecking deals.
    We're delighted to be working with our strategic partner, Point N Time, to deliver this webinar - join us on May 16, 2019 at 16:00 (UK time)