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  1. Alate becomes one of the first Squadify Certified Practitioners

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    We've been working with Squadify for a while now and were delighted to be asked to join their new certification process to become an Accredited Practitioner and become one of the first group of 20 to be certifed globally.

    Squadify is a powerful team survey tool, based on research and evidence of the conditions of success for high performing teams. Integrating Squadify into our programmes for leaders and sales organisations will give teams a deeper and more objective insight into their current state and the levers that will help them to achieve peak performance.

    The practitioner certification process included formal learning and live assessment which built on our initial experiences with the tool. Anna Britnor Guest says ‘Having known the team behind Squadify for several years, I have seen both their robust methodology and their strong sense of doing the right thing. Our experiences of working with the Squadify tool in the last year have been extremely positive as it delivers clear value to teams and organisations. We’re committed to using the most effective tools and platforms to support our clients’ development across their sales organisations and leadership populations and Squadify is a perfect fit.'

    Dan Meek of Squadify adds, 'It is fantastic to see growth partners, Alate, take on the Practitioner Certification and add Squadify to their practice. We have a great deal of respect for the work that Alate Business Growth does to develop high performing teams, particularly in the hi tech space, and Squadify will add another dimension of data to this already impactful service. Squadify is scaling fast – and already being deployed into 560 teams of one of the worlds most prominent high tech / software organisations. The results are in. Teams who have the right data that creates the right conversation about their conditions for success improve performance dramatically.'

    A big thank you to Lien Hayes and the L&D team at Zen Internet for participating in our assessment process - and delighted that Squadify will be a powerful tool to help shape the team's performance.

    Find out more about how Squadify can help your team achieve their potential. https://www.alatebusinessgrowth.com/squadify-for-team-success.html

  2. Coming soon - Revenue Riser podcast

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    Launching in August is the brand new Alate podcast - Revenue Riser.

    Actionable insights and tips for sales leaders driving tech B2B revenue growth. Through insightful conversations with sales leaders and other experts and practitioners, we share tips and experiences to help you to grow your tech B2B revenues. Practical and relatable, we don’t just talk around scenarios, we highlight people, process, channel and technology practices that will help you and your business to grow.