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  1. New podcast: improving performance, recruitment & onboarding with profiling

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    Anna Britnor Guest has just been interviewed by Azzy Aslam for Comentra for his podcast channel on Changing Habits, Changing Lives.

    She says "I really enjoyed our conversation about how behavioural profile tools like PRISM Brainmapping can help both personal development and companies to improve their recruitment, onboarding and professional development activities. Such a huge topic but I've shared a few specific examples that others will find useful."

    We are an accredited PRISM practitioner, offering PRISM profiling as part of our portfolio of services inclding sales, leadership and onboarding programmes.

    Click play below to listen to the full interview.

    Photo by Tommy Lopez from Pexels
  2. We're on it!

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    We're on it! In an environment of coronavirus travel restrictions and uncertainty, we've got our clients covered! For several years we've delivered our services in a blended format and we can - and do - deliver everything virtually. We know some teams like face-to-face sessions - so do we - but we commit that, if you're in travel lock-down, you'll achieve the same outcomes from our programmes whether we're there in person or virtually. We use a combination of virtual live delivery, on-demand tools and videos and real on-the-job application to support high impact learning experiences. Now is a perfect opportunity to invest in learning and developing the skills we all need to be successful so please get in touch to learn what we're doing to ramp up real performance, virtually!